About Us

About the Better Beard Company

Better Beard Company was created in 2013 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and officially launched in April 2014. The company quickly grew in its first year of operation from their humble beginnings with one local retailer to more than 20 stores currently offering their products in 8 different provinces.

Built from the vision of serial entrepreneur, Clayten Willington, Better Beard Company created high end, handcrafted products and a bold brand that fosters a lifestyle for the modern Canadian gentleman.

"It was November (2013) and I was 6 months into my current beard. Although I enjoyed my beard, I was going insane from the itching and the dry skin. I heard of a product called beard oil, a blend of natural oils which conditions your beard and moisturizes your skin, thus helping with the itching and dryness. Naturally I looked all over at drug stores, farmers markets, and barbershops but could not find any. I then took my search to the internet and discovered a plethora of beard oils but the majority of them were made in the United States and were cheaply put together. As a patriotic Canadian I also wanted something made in Canada and that was distinctly Canadian. My search came up empty. As a result, I decided to make my own. At the same time I was researching making beard oil, I was also looking to start an eCommerce business and was searching for a good product to sell. However, as I was trying to locate drop shippers for my new venture, I quickly became frustrated with this process. I was racking my brain trying to find a successful niche, but I kept coming back to my beard oil. It seemed like a match made in Heaven and so began the Better Beard Company."

- Clayten Willington | Founder of Better Beard Company

Our Mission

To create quality products that are 100% natural, hand crafted, made in Canada, and tailored to the needs of the modern Canadian gentleman.

Our Vision

To grow into Canada's premier brand for natural, hand crafted, Canadian made, men's grooming products while continuing to support the local economy and maintain focus on community based engagement and being a good corporate citizen.